Science and Production Company (NVO) Termoprylad was established in 1956 in L’viv, Ukraine. It was the first organization in the former USSR, which not only designed temperature measurement devices but established, almost from scratch, and brought along a domestic school of industrial thermometry. Formerly, NVO Termoprylad was a leader in the area of industrial thermometry, the concepts and designs of which were embodied both locally and at other large instrument making plants of L’viv, Luts’k, Mukachevo, Kamyanets’-Podil’sky, Horodok (Ukraine), Chelyabinsk (Russia), Tbilisi (Georgia), Kirovokan (Armenia) and other.

Currently NVO Termoprylad is a closed joint-stock company continuing design and manufacturing of temperature measurement, control and adjustment equipment. In 1996 we successfully introduced a new area, namely production of heat meters, air humidity measurement and control devices. The company has several branch establishments specialized in specific areas of thermometry. National Standardization Committee TK 65 “Devices for industrial control and adjustment” and International Committee MTK 505 “Thermometry” use Termoprylad company as a basis for their activities.

We have extensive experience in designing temperature measurement devices and systems for metallurgy, machine building, power plants, including nuclear ones, rocket production, chemistry, industry and defense sectors, R&D. Virtually, there is no such sector of economy that Termoprylad experts have not been involved with. Nowadays, our designs are well known outside of Ukraine which makes it possible for us to export our systems worldwide in spite of fierce competition in this market. The key to success is that our products match latest world standards and are well suited to real life needs owing to our good knowledge of many application environments.

This knowledge is a result of huge experience which, if quantified, includes the following:

  • designed and manufactured over 1000 types of temperature control devices practically for all economy sectors;
  • developed 600 international, national, sector-based normative documents (standards, technical specifications, manuals);
  • designed and produced unique R&D and metrology equipment for comprehensive stand, object-oriented and field testing of thermometers at high and low temperatures, mechanical, vibration and shock statistical, dynamic and cyclic loads in vacuum, high pressure, aggressive and explosive environments, under the action of electrical and electromagnetic fields, radioactive emissions;
  • designed and produced etalons and calibration equipment with reference temperature points for thermometer calibration (including those for still and rotating surfaces);
  • investigated thermal processes, selected and delivered thermal systems best suited for the needs of specific metallurgic plants, thermal and nuclear power plants, ships, submarines, rocket systems, grain elevators, mausoleums in socialist countries (including Lenin’s mausoleum), and indoor temperature control in Moscow Kremlin chambers;
  • received over 500 certificates of invention authorship;
  • published over 3000 scientific articles and books, defended over 60 Ph.D. and candidate degree thesis.

Termoprylad is a main organization, which deals with standardization on behalf of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine. Local experts develop national and international standards for temperature measurement, natural gas and water metering, etc. (28 items, all in all). The company has technologies and staff capable to design and produce various devices to control temperature from minus 271°С to plus 4000°С and provide their integral embodiment (i.e. primary converters integrated with data processing means including multi-channel ones) Furthermore, NVO Termoprylad can revamp existing system, provide consultations on choice and application of temperature control means, develop options for replacement of foreign control devices with home made analogues, perform calibration, service and maintenance of thermometers produced elsewhere.

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