Science and Production Company (NVO) Termoprylad constantly expanding the range of their devices through the use of new conversion characteristics, materials, methods of measurement.

So, along with the traditional resistance transducers calibration 50М, 50П, etc., can be used thermistors NTC with a negative temperature coefficient of resistance, РТС - with a positive temperature coefficient of resistance, high-resistance platinum thermocouples resistance, for example, Pt1000. The use of thin-film heat-sensitive elements makes it possible to build new designs miniature, small inertia thermocouples, including for surfaces, including rotary.

Intermediate transducers (converters Measuring compensatory devices, etc) replenished vibrationproof small-size converters ПВУ-0197 in the form of plug-in modules or structurally complete device.

Secondary devices most dynamically developing due to the rapid development of automation and computerization. Therefore, measuring, signaling and regulators are complemented by various service functions (availability interface, archiving measurement results, work on a time schedule visualization on PC, etc.).

A separate important position occupied devices for metrological provision of measuring temperature or its equivalent, many of which are operated under conditions other than normal. By the simplest devices include digital thermometers (single channel and ten) ТО-Ц024, ТО-Ц024Б, ТО-Ц024-10, ТО-Ц022Т for accurate measurements in the range from minus 50 (80) to 250 °C (minus200 ... 600 °C) with a resolution of 0,01 °C. Moreover, the thermometer TO-Ц024Б can be operated in explosive objects and the length of its lines of thermocouple can be up to 1000 m.

Digital ohmmeter ОЦ-0103 accuracy class 0,002 mainly to measure resistance Thermal resistance for 6 (7) digit display. Ohmmeter thermometer ОТЦ-0104 the range of 0-35 Ohm resistance measurement is designed to work in a set of standard operating temperature ПТС-10 or other low-resistance transducers (R0 = 25 Omh). The value of the lowest graduation 0,001 °C.

For high-temperature thermometer designed TЦ-023T, which is included with the Thermoelectric converters S type 2 or 3rd grade. For the high-precision measurements using thermoelectric converters, including standard, suitable millivoltmeter МВЦ-0106, further equipped with temperature meter input terminals. In millivoltmeter provides the possibility of conversion and issuance of digital display temperature values for the selected NSC, including amended. The device is equipped with interface RS232.

In addition to measuring devices NVO Termoprylad in cooperation with other organizations, has developed precision liquid thermostat TCP-0105, where as the working medium is water or oil. The structure is a precision thermostat regulator РТ-0102 produced which can be supplied separately to the customer. The value of the lowest graduation of the regulator is 0,001 °C or 0,01 °C using thermocouples and resistance 0,01 °C using thermoelectric converters. The above devices because of its accessibility (low price, ease of maintenance and calibration) successfully used by organizations. Many of them are used as working standards.

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