PJSC SPA "Termoprylad" constantly updates and complements the range of measuring and temperature control devices, taking into account the needs of consumers. This is done due to the use of new thermometric materials and components, in particular, the ones produced by the foreign companies: thin-film sensitive elements of different nominal static characteristics; thermocouple cables covered with alloys of Inconel 600, Inconel 601; insulating ceramics, including refractory cermics, euroheads of aluminum alloy, connectors, etc.

Thus, in addition to the traditional resistance thermocouples with characteristics 50M, 50P, etc., new thermocouples were developed and manufactured: the ones with the use of semiconductor NTC - thermistors with a negative temperature coefficient of resistance. Usage of high-end thin-film thermosensitive elements, for example, Pt500, Pt1000 makes it possible to construct new designs of microsized, low-inertial thermoconverters.

The majority of common industrial primary thermocouples with heads made of pressmaterials can be assembled by euroheads of MAA, NAALS (SL) type per customer's request.

The variety of thermocouples for NPP has been replenished with new implementations designed to work in emergency and post-emergency monitoring systems for reactors in the conditions of maximum leakage (LOCA) and severe accidents. Certain types of these thermocouples, such as TXA-1090, TXK-1090, TXA-1690, and TXK-1690 can also be equipped with euroheads NAA, DAND or DANDW; thermocouples of resistance ТСП-1390 can be produced with connectors СНЦ-22 ЦСНК 430421.039, УЗНЦ2 in accordance with ТУ У 3.53.14308479-412 or УСНЦ144 in accordance with ТУ У 31.2-14308479-008 and cable lines ТАДУ 685630.001 or MULTITHERM 400-ES.

Per customer’s request, head body of the thermoelectric couples can be equipped with platinum sensitive element to provide information about the temperature on the free ends of the thermocouple.

Intermediate couples (measuring transducers, compensating devices, etc.) have been replenished with small-sized vibration-resistant converters ПВУ-0197 in the form of plug-in units.

Secondary devices are developing most dynamically due to the rapid development of automation and computerization. Therefore, meters, signaling devices and regulators are supplemented with various service functions (interface, archiving of measurement results, work within time frame, visualization on a PC, etc.).

Separate important niche belongs to the devices for metrological maintenance of temperature measurement or its equivalents. Precision instruments include digital thermometers (single- and ten-channel) TО-Ц024, ТО-Ц024-10, ТО-Ц022Т for accurate measurements in the range of minus 50 (80) to 250 °C, minus 200 to 600 °C with resolution ability of 0.01 °C.

The portable digital resistance thermometer ТО-Ц022ТР was developed: its resolution ability is 0.01 °C; it is designed for the rapid measurement of the temperature of friable, liquid, viscous, gaseous environments with an increased accuracy of ± 0,1 °С in the range of minus 5 to 100 °C with low power consumption and indication of data on the liquid crystal display. It is programmed to record the minimum and maximum measured temperature values.

For high temperatures, thermometer ТЦ-023Т was developed: it works in conjunction with a thermoelectric S-type transducer of the second or third categories.

In 2017, a precision millivoltmeter МВЦ-0108 МП was designed: it is intended to measure the direct current voltage, e.m.f. in thermoelectric converters in the range from 0 to 100 mV.

Its characteristic features are auto-calibration of zero, absolute margin of error of measurement - less than 1 μV, resolution ability - 0.1 μV, possibility of simultaneous measurement on two channels with the output of measurement results on the liquid crystal display, conversion of the measured value of e.m.f. into the value of temperature in accordance with nominal static characteristics for thermocouples of K, L, B, S, R types with the display of temperature values on the monitor.

In 2017 the nomenclature of digital thermometers manufactured by the enterprise «Termoprylad» was replenished with a new measuring converter ПВ-21АС (ТУ У 26.5-04850451-090: 2017) intended for use in automated control systems at NPPs and other industrial facilities.

Its main peculiarity and advantage is the increased precision of conversion, the convenience of customization.

During 2015 and 2016 the following items appeared in the section of special purpose devices:
-the synchronizer of switching of the СВМТ coupling (ТУ 2 26.5-04850451-091: 2016), intended for use in the control system of the gas turbine unit (GTU); can be used in various industries to synchronize rotations of gearbox shafts, as well as to indicate the frequency and direction of rotation of shafts;
-the rotation sensor СВМТ-Д (ТУ 2 26.5-04850451-092:2016), intended for use in the synchronizer of switching of the СВМТ coupling, the rotation sensor СВМТ-Д can be provided as a separate product for various purposes;
-tachometer universal T-2, designed to measure and control the speed of rotation of two independent shafts, and to create control systems for technological processes in set with the rotation sensors СВМТ-Д or other sensors with similar parameters of output signals.

The list of devices for measuring the relative air humidity was replenished with the device ПВГ-111, which converts the measured relative humidity (signal from humidity sensors) into a unified output signal from 4 to 20 mA or from 0 to 10 V. It works in set with devices (detectors, regulators , signal devices, etc.) with the corresponding unified input.

The section "Pyrometers" offers the following devices:
-pyrometric sensor with a standardized output ПЧД-У;
-assembling reinforcement for installation of a pyrometric sensor of a stationary pyrometer;
-design and execution of the Smotrych-8 pyrometer to measure the temperature of tape strands welding.

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