Temperature controllers

Part Number

Technical Specifications

Purpose, Application Environment, Measurement Object, etc



Minus 50...1200 °С, (subrange type); 50М(Cu’50), 100М(Cu’100), 50П, 100П, ХК(L), also 4-20 mA; powered 220 V, 50 Hz; stationary

Wide range of applications



Controlling measurement devices. Minus 200...2200°С; НСХ 50М (Cu’50), 100M (Cu’100), 50П (Pt’50),100П(Pt’100), Pt500, Pt1000 and other K, L, S, R. B, J, T, (A)-1; 0...5 mA, 4...20 mA, 0...20 mA 0...0, 1 V, 0...1 V, 0...5 V, 0...10 V; power supply from 220 V, 50 Hz; digital indication; single, double or eight-channel input. Two and three positions, or PID switches (including those with sliders); alarm option; timer control; control by software; interfaces RS232, RS485 + archives for up to 10000 values in volatile memory; power supply +24V for standardized output signal transducers. different options of output signals. Housing options: panel mountable Щ1, Щ2, table top, wall mountable

Wide range of applications, PC interface, programmable



Measurement, automatic control, indication, signaling of temperature and measurement of time intervals with the help of two stopwatches; work with resistance transducers and thermoelectric transducers; can be built into other devices (thermostats an other)

Wide range of applications


>ПКРТ-0103 (+section V)

Minus 200...2000°С; quantity of channels 8; works together with resistance transducers, thermoelectrical transducers, thermo transducers with standardized signal; interfaces RS232, RS485 + data archiving

Wide range of applications


РТИ-012 (+section XI)

0...1100°С; ХА(К); works with a connecting device УС-491 and indicating device М1618 (2 items) or together with thermo set ТСТП-071М1; power block 220(127) V, 50(400)Hz; range of adjustment 0...900 °С. Measurement error ± 11 °С in the range 0...1100 °С. Main error of controller adjustment ± 15 °С

Specific applications, power turbines



Two-channel three-position, PID, 50М (Cu’50), 100M (Cu’100), 50П (Pt’50), 100П (Pt’100), XA(K), L, S, R, B, J, 0-1V, 0-5mA, 4-20mA; power 85-260 V

Measurement and adjustment of temperature of other values, which were previously converted into voltage or current signal



Four-channel two-position temperature controller. Three programmable levels of heating power

Wide range of applications



Single channel temperature controller (50M, 50П, 100П, Pt100, K, J, L, S, 0-1000mV) RS-485. Two and three position, or PID control. Powering 85-260 DC or AC. Size 72x36x80

Wide range of applications