Industrial Use Signalers

Part Number

Technical Specifications

Purpose, Application Environment, Measurement Object, etc


ПКРТ-0103 (+section V)

Minus 200...2000°С; quantity of channels 8; works together with resistance thermocouples, electrical thermocouples, thermocouples with standardized signal; interfaces RS232, RS485 + data archiving

Wide range of applications


СТС-136М (СТС-136)

30...180 °С; 50М(Cu’50), 50П(Pt’50), 100П(Pt’100); quantity of channels 8

Bearings of pumping equipment, pump housing. Compressor plants



Minus 200…1600°С; Universal input 50М, 100М, 50П, 100П, Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000; gr 23, gr 46, spark protected inputs. Interfaces RS485 (RS232), data archiving, real time clock. Number of signaling points – 8. Works together with thermocouples 50М, 100М, 50П, 100П, gr 21, gr 53, K, L, J, S. Size 96x96x110mm

Automatic continuous signaling of temperature of bearings (preventive and alarm levels), indication of real temperature value at controlled points