Primary Thermocouples

Nominal static characteristics of conversion: - thermocouples of resistance 50М(Cu`50), 100М(Cu`100), 50П(Pt`50), 100П(Pt`100), 500П(Pt`500), 1000П(Pt`1000) etc.; - thermoelectrical couples ХА(К), ХК(L), ПП(S,R), ПР(B), ВР(A), ЖК (J), HH(N) etc. General range of measurement, °C: from minus 260 to 2000;

Packaging: with contact head or cable, with or without nipple connection, for high pressure (including cartridges), shake proof, explosion proof, fast-response, small size, destined for various measurement environments, including nuclear power plants, marine applications, etc., matched in couples.

Thermocouples and Measurement Couples with Standardized Output Signal

Output signal 4-20 mA (possible options 0-5 mA and 0-20mA) Measurement couples work using signals from thermocouples of resistance, thermoelectrical couples and voltage/ current sensors. Different packaging options: sealed, shakeproof, DIN rod mountable. Measurement couples are round in shape and mounted inside the heads of the thermocouples with standardized

output signal. The latter may have two packaging options: regular and explosion safe. A separate group includes thermocouples and measurement couples with code output signal and also multi-channel measurement couples with RS232 or RS485 interface.

Digital Thermometers (Stationary and Portable)

Portable thermometers come with a set of thermocouples and are used to take temperature of metal surfaces, including revolving ones plus liquid, gaseous, granular and viscous substances. Stationary thermometers work using signals from thermocouples of resistance, thermoelectrical couples and voltage/ current sensors. Single and multichannel. Different housing options: panel, wall mountable or table top.

Controller meters combine two functions: measurement and control of temperature. Precision thermometers belong to a separate group of devices, including a nuclear quadrupole thermometer (where the smallest graduation interval is 0.001°С) and a 10-channel thermometer ТО-Ц024-10 (0.01°С), single channel ТО-Ц024, ТО-Ц024Б, ТО-Ц024Т.

Temperature controllers

Single and multi-channel controller meters of temperature, pressure, humidity and other physical values work together with thermocouples thermoelectrical couples or couples with standardized output signal. Used for automation of various manufacturing processes. May work together with PC (MOBUS protocol, interface RS232 or RS485) or in a network of 256 devices.

Two or three position control or PID control modes. Type of adjustment: stabilization and reproduction of temperature variance in time as programmed. Able to archive measurement results (up to 1020 thousand results). Interface RS232 or RS485. Outputs are vacant relay contacts, low power optosymistor, open collector of transistor, and analog output. Precision packaging options are available.

Temperature Signaling Devices

Single and multi-channel. Operate with signals from thermocouples of resistance and thermoelectrical couples. Packaging: regular or spark-safe outputs. Single or double level signaling. Custom embodiment: thermal sets of temperature field

signaling to control non-uniformity of temperature field, mean temperature, selected control of individual points across the field. Most temperature controllers have signaling functions too (for instance, РТ-0102, ПКРТ-0103).


Purpose: contact free measurement and control of surface temperature in different objects based on their thermal irradiation. Areas of application: to control temperature of manufacturing processes in metallurgy, production of glass, ceramics, bricks, paper, asphalt, rubber, etc.; to control temperature condition of various moving mechanisms, including railroad ones; to control temperature of parts in welding and pressing; to control temperature of heating mains, detect locations of damaged heat insulation, find locations of hot water leaks; to evaluate thermal condition of electricity mains, insulators, radiators and transformers;

to detect faults in contact connections, overloads in electrical connections, etc.; to control temperature in chemical, machine building, food industries. Key technical parameters: entire measurement range, °С from minus 35 to 4000; sighting index 1:2÷1:2000; time of measurement, seconds 0,1÷10,0 main error, % 0,6÷2,5 distance to object, meters 0,01÷30 Specific technical specs (range of measurement, sighting index, time of taking temperature, field of view diagram, etc.) are discussed and determined with customer. The devices can be delivered with special protective atrotective.

ROS-1M1 Temperature Control System

Purpose: distance control of temperature of grain, seed, other agricultural products at grain storages and elevators. Two options for system packaging: system 1 consists of thermocouples of resistance with pulse output signal TOMI - 0591, network adaptor AM - 01 and PC; system 2 consists of thermocouples of resistance with pulse output signal TOMI - 0591, devices for temperature control ПКТ – 01, network adaptor AM - 01 and PC; Indication unit ПІ – 01 is used for those objects where it is not possible to install PC. Range of measurement, °С: from minus 30 to 60 Main error, °С ±1,0 Length of thermocouples up to 40 m

Number of zones of measurement 6.12 Quantity of points controlled up to 65000 Time of measurement up to 10 s The system is able to: automatically measure temperature without operator intervention at any necessary point of time and register temperature in excess of a set value; supply data about temperature in text or graphical format, save measurement results for long time; signal about temperature in excess or other emergency conditions.

Devices for Temperature Control in Metallurgy

Range, °С 800-1820 Two packaging options: stationary measurement system СКТР-0597 and portable system ТТ-Ц103. The system performs measurement, signals based on measurement results, archives up to 500 measured temperature

results plus time of measurement, can be connected to PC. Interfaces through RS232 or RS485. Thermocouples come with either disposable or permanent use packages. Nominal static parameters of conversion: ПП(S), ПР(В), ВР(А), ХА(К).

Hygrometers and Air Humidity Controller

Meters and controllers of air temperature and humidity: Range of humidity measurement, %: 0-100 Range of temperature measurement, deg C: minus 19-95 (minus 40-120).

Hygrometer: portable or stationary Controller: stationary Developed methods for humidity meter certification/ calibration

Thermocouples and Compensation Devices for Nuclear Power Plants

Thermocouples are designated for use in both dry and wet channels of a nuclear reactor and tolerate immediate action of heat carrier, neutrons and g-rays on them. Type of reactors: ВВЕР, РБМК, АСТ, БН Compensation devices and connection boxes are used to connect thermocouples to power generating units of

nuclear power plant, and compensate effects of ambient temperature. Thermocouples can be used in other non-nuclear environment too.

Special Purpose Devices

Spark proof barriers for circuits of temperature sensors and power supplies. Metrology tools for temperature measurements. Digital precision ohmmeters for calibration of resistance thermocouples. Temperature measurement components for marine applications, including measurement couples, secondary couples (storehouse systems), couples of angular velocities (tachometers), etc. Special purpose signalers. Various systems for temperature measurement. Special purpose R&D devices, namely, temperature

oceanographic couples, nuclear quadrupole thermometers, etalons for temperature measurement. Digital controllers and signalers for other physical values converted into a standardized output signal (pressure, rate, concentration, etc.) Converters for RS232/ RS485 interfaces. Devices for data storage and transfer to be used in controller. Protective cartridges, nipple connectors for primary thermocouples. Power units for couples with standardized output signal. Other

Development of Quality Management Standards

Our experts who belong to Technical Panel on Standardization TK65 "Industrial Control Devices" can provide expertise and assistance in preparing necessary documents on quality management systems under ISO9001-2000 plus help in implementing quality management system in your company. In addition to the preparation of technical documentation, TK65 experts will analyze enterprise practices in the sector of quality management system and provide practical recommendations on

improvement and meeting the requirements of ISO9001-2000. Our experience proves that quality management systems become an efficient tool for company management, helping to implement company strategy and improve internal practices, which results in better product quality, higher customer satisfaction, reduced non-production costs, etc. The TK65 panel, among other, includes professional consultants in quality areas and a certified auditor on quality management systems.